Why Donate

Whether he/she is a school student or a research student and interested in indulging in something different from the regular grind, our Society provides the right atmosphere. Be it a quiz, a research presentation, a science fiction, an experiment or a fundamental principle in science, they all come to us. The Society provides various opportunities for them to make Friendship with Science and have fun and at the same time acquire, achieve and contribute something in science.

Your Support Solicited

KVRSS has been serving the student community for the past Nineteen years in science. The scope and quality of the contribution has been our top priority. However, all these activities require not only dedicated inputs from all concerned but also a substantial expenditure. The Society worked with funds available from close friends and relatives of Dr. K.V. Rao till it established itself as a Society with commitment towards Science popularization.

The Society feels it is time to scale up its activities, scope and reach. Improving the existing activities, expanding access, creating innovative events and mentoring is part of our plan to motivate students towards science as career.

We need your help to continue to serve the students and become a key resource in science popularization. It is the quest of KVRSS to make you all friends of science. To be able to touch the lives of millions, it would not be possible for KVRSS without the generosity and the support from you. Your contribution will help to provide the resources needed propagate science in all sections of the society and together we can make a difference in promoting science to many. With your support we shall be able to touch new heights in science promotion and popularization.

Areas where Support is needed

  • Capital cost for establishing innovation Centre & Science Laboratory.

  • Laboratory Equipment for various science disciplines including mathematics

  • Innovative and Interactive models to be displayed for concept understanding, materials and apparatus to be provided for students to work on their creative ideas.

  • Furniture & Fixtures for the laboratory as per the lab facility infrastructure plan.

  • Teaching and mentoring support.

  • Library setup (with all reading, audio & Visual material) along with furniture