Innovation Center

An Initiative of KVRSS – EA Partnership

Electronic Arts (EA) Hyderabad, a gaming company, has come forward to fund an Innovation Centre for KVRSS. The partnership envisages setting up a well-equipped laboratory for school students to take forward projects with innovative ideas to the next level.

KVRSS conducts a number of events for school students and selects the top projects for awards. Some of these projects have the possibility of scaling up. The Innovation centre will provide students with lab facilities and guidance from scientists to scale up the ideas.

The future plan is to scale up to a well-equipped Innovation Hub, not only for school students but also for teachers and researchers.The Innovation Centre can also cater to schools lacking the required lab infrastructure in supporting them to conduct experiments as per the syllabi and help children in senior classes for their science projects.

The infrastructure has been developed and a few demonstrations in Chemistry, Physics and Math have already been held on the premises for school students.

The Concept of Hands-on Science Education

Innovation Centre is an initiative in the field of science, for hands-on activities of different modules and facilitates easy learning of concepts by students. The project aims at encouraging the students to inculcate a qualitative and hands on learning environment and empowering under privileged schools to design creative ways to nurture the budding scientists. Centre is aimed at enhancing the education system by providing adequate infrastructure to facilitate scientific learning by the students in a friendly way.

It has been observed in our 21 years of interaction with students that schools in India, regardless of whether they are private or government, are either ill equipped or have minimal use of the science laboratories, which may be due to various reasons. However, Science is a lively subject which requires active participation of students through hands-on experiments.

Science Innovation Centre is a very powerful and innovative instrument to revolutionize education and make hands-on education increasingly accessible.

The focus is on gaining knowledge through activity-based and hands-on learning leading to innovative/qualitative thinking among students. Science is more often taught than done and this project is based on learning by doing. This gives the students not only the pleasure of "feel and touch learning by doing" but also a chance to enjoy the subject and understanding the subject easily. The Innovation Centre aims to increase the curiosity levels of student by performing experiments to check and verify various statements and theories given in books by doing them on their own. It is such attempts that inculcate and nurture a scientific attitude among the school children.