Many institutes in India carry out cutting edge research in various fields of science. However, there is hardly any awareness about it at school level. The schools, teachers and the students do not have information about either the areas of research or the career possibilities in research in India.

To bridge this information gap and to encourage school children towards science as a career, KVRSS has been arranging lectures by scientists regularly so that students get to interact with a scientist. The speakers include senior scientists from various research institutions, universities as well as our Young Scientist Awardees.

Young Research awardees are invited to present talks sos the school students get impressed with the thought that a Scientist can also be young and modern like them and that a career in research is an exciting one too. The awardees who present the lectures, on the other hand, get an opportunity to present their work in presence of a young and eager audience yet to understand the real meaning of research.

In the present context, the KVRSS is planning to arrange talks online and extend the reach to schools across southern states of India.