Mobile science Lab

Mobile Science Lab

An Initiative of KVRSS funded by Lalitha Varanasi, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

KVRSS has received the grant from Lalitha Varanasi fund in Orange County Community Foundation for the development of a Mobile Science Lab. The Lab has been fabricated on an Eicher bus chassis and is equipped with all the necessary equipment for learning of science hand-on, for classes 7 to 10. As the thrust is on learning concepts, students at any stage of education, interested in understanding the concepts may also avail of the facility.

Bus is equipped with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics models, kits and equipment as per the syllabi of various Secondary and Higher secondary schools. The bus also has models depicting various scientific concepts.

The vehicle was launched on April 6, 2022 by Mrs. Sabitha Indra Reddy, Honourable Minister of Education, Telangana state. The Secretary of Education and the Director of School Education, Telangana were also present during the launch. Further, KVRSS has received permission from the Directorate of School Education to operate the vehicle in all the government schools in three districts of Telangana, viz., Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy and Medchal.

MSL and The Concept of Hands-on Science Education

Mobile Science Lab is an innovative initiative in the field of science, for hands-on activities of different modules and facilitates easy learning of concepts by students. The project aims at encouraging the students to inculcate a qualitative and hands on learning environment and empowering underprivileged schools to design creative ways to nurture the budding scientists. Mobile Science Lab is aimed at enhancing the education system by providing adequate infrastructure to facilitate scientific learning by the students in a friendly way. The focus is on gaining knowledge through activity-based and hands-on learning leading to innovative/qualitative thinking among students.

It has been observed in our 21 years of interaction with students that schools in India, regardless of whether they are private or government, are either ill equipped or have minimal use of the science laboratories, which may be due to various reasons. ever, Also, Science is more often taught than done and this project is based on learning by doing. Science is a lively subject which requires active participation of students through experiments and field trips for proper understanding.

The Mobile Science Lab (MSL) is a very powerful and innovative instrument to revolutionize education and make hands-on education increasingly accessible, even for schools in remote areas. MSL gives the students not only the pleasure of "feel and touch learning by doing" but also a chance to enjoy the subject and understanding the subject easily.

The mobile lab also aims to increase the curiosity levels of student by performing experiments to check and verify various statements and theories given in books by doing them on their own.

The lab would go around the schools in Hyderabad and adjoining areas and interact with students. Schools and registered school students who are interested in availing the facility may approach us to avail the facility.

We are extremely keen that talented students from the schools utilise this opportunity, and we are willing to provide resources – by way of equipment, books, and career guidance etc. - to launch these budding scientists onto a career in science.