Concept Camps

KVRSS believes that the most important part of learning is understanding the concepts in any subject. As the students go to higher classes, if the concepts learnt in earlier classes are not understood, they may start losing interest in that subject.

Thus, was born the idea that concept teaching is important than just teaching class syllabus. KVRSS started with “GANITAM” a concept-based Math camp which was conducted in May, 2019 for 5 days for school students of classes VI and above. The focus of workshop was on various concepts of Math through Fun, Games, Models and Quizzes which made the students understand the concepts very easily. The application of the concepts to daily life was also taught.

The success in the first GANITAM camp led to conduct of more such camps and was replicated in Physics Camps. KVRSS plans to extend such concept camps for Biology and Chemistry soon.

In the present situation these camps are being conducted online and have been well received.