“18th Annual Science Awards Function Video & Photographs (held on 14th April, 2018)” KVRSS Celebrates its 19th Foundation Day today, 9th January 2019. The Society was formed on this day in the year 2001, and started its journey towards promoting scientific temper and popularization of science among students.

The passion of Dr. K. V. Rao by taking part actively in promotion of young scientists has been instrumental in bringing about this Society. Dr. K. V. Rao Scientific Society was formed in 2001 with a view to promote scientific temper and thereby encourage school students and young scientists in their pursuit of scientific activities. The activities of the Society are coordinated by a committee comprising of colleagues of Dr.K.V. Rao and eminent scientists from various reputed scientific institutions.

Our organization is a totally non-profit, till date the Society has bootstrapped by raising funds from close friends and family members of Dr.Rao.

The Society is proud to be tagged as a forum which identifies scientific capability of the students and nurtures them. The quality of the activities is also highly appreciated. Awards from the Society are considered very prestigious and have benefited the students in their career growth. Also many students at school and research level have been motivated to pursue science. The Society has built a resource pool of eminent scientists, teachers and educationists and eminent scientists at Director and Vice Chancellor positions have graced our events as guest speakers.

The Society has successfully built a solid foundation over the last 16 years and plans to develop into an institution where good scientific work can be done and establish itself as an organization par excellence in its pursuit of popularising and promoting science.

"The Society is registered under the Public Societies Registration Act, has 80G exemption under Income Tax Act in perpetuity and is also registered under the FCRA Act and is eligible for foreign donations"