Dr KVRSS :: Vission And Mission


Popularize Science and Enthuse School Children towards Pursuing a Career in Science Through

Conducting science related events for school children:

  • Science quizzes and debates 
  • Science fairs and innovation contests 
  • Interactive Sessions with Scientist 

Capacity-building of local talent for teaching science in schools:

  • Involving science teachers
  • Setting up science laboratories & clubs
  • Evolving innovative methods of teaching science 
  • Setting up of Mobile laboratories for children in remote /rural areas
  •  Assisting schools lacking equipment/resources for teaching science.

Promote Science at Research Level by

  •  Assisting Research students at Doctoral or Post-Doctoral level by way of awards, scholarships and funds 
  •  Developing Scientific Resource Pool through continuous involvements of scientists
  • Undertake programmers for advancement of Research in various branches of Basic Sciences
  • Recognizing Research Supervisors for their contribution to advancement of Science


Develop Infrastructure for Promotion of Science:

  • Development of the office Property:
  • An innovative Science Laboratory 
  • Mobile Laboratories for children in remote areas 
  • Renovation and development of Observatories and Science museums

 Extend Reach:

  • Increased participation in events of society through publicity 
  • Weekly lectures on popular science topics 
  • Summer Projects 
  • Interactive science based games etc. 

Tap Creativity:

  • ‘Spark’ innovation among school children.
  • Improve quality of participation 
  • Encourage original thinking and develop sense of innovation 

Create a Platform / Forum for giving back to KVRSS:

  •  Continued association of awardees with KVRSS activities:
  •  Create a KVRSS Awardees and Association Group
  •  Programmes for school Awardees
Create a Platform / Forum for giving back to KVRSS
Recognize Outstanding Teachers
Seek Government / Institutional Funding