Popularise Science and Enthuse School Children Towards Pursuing a Career in Science Through

  • Conducting science related events for school children:
  • Science quizzes and debates
  • Science fairs and innovation contests
  • Interactive Sessions with Scientist
  • Capacity-building of local talent for teaching science in schools:
  • Involving science teachers
  • Setting up science laboratories & clubs
  • Evolving innovative methods of teaching science
  • Setting up of Mobile laboratories for children in remote /rural areas
  • Assisting schools lacking equipment/resources for teaching science.


Promote Science at Research Level by

  • Assisting Research students at Doctoral or Post Doctoral level by way of awards, scholarships and funds
  • Developing Scientific Resource Pool through continuous involvements of scientists
  • Undertake programmes for advancement of Research in various branches of Basic Sciences
  • Recognising Research Supervisors for their contribution to advancement of Science



  • Support worthy students who have participated earlier (5-7 candidates who have done excellent research post participation).
  • Sponsor research on Society/Industry related issues.
  • Award Research Supervisors / Senior Scientists


  • Support school students with good projects to pilot level studies in association with Industries.
  • Start Mentoring classes by senior judges / Orators / Awardees for young research students
  • Science Lab for School Students at office / Mobile facility
  • Training / Summer Camps for school children
  • Support some schools with lack of science facilities on certain criteria
  • Create a Science Teachers club and institute awards


Objective and Vision: Overall

  • The present programs to continue
  • Conduct new programs at district level to encourage science students in AP / Telangana / Karnataka / Tamilnadu  / Kerala
  • Extend presence to Other States in INDIA
  • Sponsor Students for competition at National / International Level forums
  • Develop a Common platform thru automation for all science students / judges
  • Get accreditation from National / International Agencies
  • Develop State of Art Science School / College
  • Develop Science Museums
  • Support Space science studies including developing observatories
  • Have adequate and appropriate staff for the above
  • Develop a Corpus for self-sustenance of the Society