About Us

KVRSS logo Dr. K.V. Rao Scientific Society was founded in 2001 by forming a corpus from the donations from friends and family of Dr.K.V.Rao.
Dr. K.V. Rao retired as Superintendent Chemist, Geological Survey of India. The passion of Dr.Rao by taking part actively in promotion and encouragement of young scientists in pursuit of their research activities has been instrumental in bringing about this society. This organization is a non-profit one with the only interest in promoting science in whatever way it is possible. Towards this the Society was started in a small way in 2001 by awarding one young scientist for research the award. Over the years the number of awards as well as the number of activities of the society have increased so as to address more and more students at various levels of education right from schools to universities

The passion of Dr. K. V. Rao by taking part actively in promotion of young scientists has been instrumental in bringing about this Society. Dr. K. V. Rao Scientific Society was formed in 2001 with a view to promote scientific temper and thereby encourage school students and young scientists in their pursuit of scientific activities. The activities of the Society are coordinated by a committee comprising of colleagues of Dr.K.V. Rao and eminent scientists from various reputed scientific institutions.

The Society is proud to be tagged as a forum where only capability and performance matters. The participation of scientific community in the Society's activities at various levels is voluntary and based on the fair practices of the Society. All the Scientists associated with the Society's activities and all the participants have acknowledged this aspect.

The quality of the activities is also highly appreciated. Awards from the Society are considered very prestigious and students look forward to the awards. This has resulted in the rise of the quality of the work and presentations by the students.

Distinguished Academicians

The panels of judges at the various events of the Society include eminent scientists, teachers and educationists. The number of judges participating in the Society activities has also risen from 3 to about 30 annually and includes a few retired and highly experienced but mostly those in active service, teaching or research.

Eminent scientists at Director and Vice Chancellor positions have graced our annual events as guest speakers.